Sonntag, 21. März 2010

MPC in the house!

Da i am Mittwuch a mim Geburi ja de ganz Tag wäg gsi bü, hani ds fiere am Samschtig nahghout.

Churz nach 17.00 isch d Chantal mit de Eutere cho, leider het sie am Abe nid chöne blibe wü sie vorher scho bimene andere Fest zuegsit ghäbe het.

Nach und nach si de o d MINIs itroffe, bis schlussendlech de ganz Parkplatz voll gsi isch.

Mit debi: Spaci, Winti, Pinki, Reni, Yves, Christian, Speeeeeedy, Rotsch u Jasmin u de Pascal, d Simone u de Noah.

Reni u Spaci

Jasmin u Rotsch

iiirgendwie schints am pinki nid so ds gfalle was winti da macht ;-)

Yves u Christian

Speeeeedy!!!!! =)

Pascal u Simone

Cool, sit der alli cho! Ha mi uh gfreut u hoffe, dass es euch o passt het! :-)

Samstag, 20. März 2010

Papa Joe's

Donschtig Abe, nach zwe Täg Schuel hi wir üs a chline Drink redlich verdient.

Ab is Papa Joe's fürne Caipi u a Snack! ;-)

Mit debi: Die ersti Pultreihe vo üsere Klass. ;-) Namentlich si das de Urs, d Annelies, ds Fränzi, d Monika ds Chrisi u ig.

D Stimmig isch usgalsse gsi, glube wir si au froh we de endi September isch. ;-)

Samstag, 13. März 2010

Geneva Motor Show

OK, let's have a try... forgive me all the mistakes, here is my first Blog entry in English, and there is a good reason why! I planned to go on Friday to the motor show with Chantal. And then: Wednesday-evening: I receive a Message from Fatih from Turkey. He's comming to Geneva by plane for the motor show.... This Friday! What a chance!

Friday morning, 11.00 am. Chantal and me meet Fatih in the City of Geneva. First of all, we're driving to Fathis Hotel in France. After, we are arriving at Palexpo where the motor show takes place.

And what is the first thing you get to see? Of course, it's MINI!

Welcome to Geneva, now called MINIWOOD!

But only the car is not enough! Fatih told us, that there are a few members of the UK "Kent and East Sussex MINI Club" in Geneva. What a surprise! They all came by MINI, not by plane or train or whatever!

So bevor starting the discovery-tour, we went all togeter eat something.

What a pleasure! MINI-Fans from UK, Turkey and Switzerland united in Geneva.

It's already 14.00 and we haven't seen any car until now.
Time to start!

It's amazing how many copies from the MINI you can find!

Fortunately, this Honda is only a Concept Car, but there are already enough copies you can buy, for example the Skoda Fabia:

It was shown as a red car with with roof, too!

The same made by Citroën:

Of course I couldn't let it be and had to ask a Citroën-dealer if it's intent. And of course, when you believe him, it's not.

Citroën DS3-R with the John-Cooper-Works-Engine.... but 200 hp and 1'000 cars only!

Finally the Audi A1

They call it MINI-Killer. For me, it's an Emotion-Killer. This car has no style, no emotion, nothing! Especially in the inside.... it's just boring! And by the way: It's expensive! This A1 1.4 with only 122 hp costs with some extras more than CHF 55'000! Fore the same price you can get a well equipied MINI JCW Cabrio with 211 hp or this car here:

A Smart Brabus for CHF 55'000! Crazy! But this car has still so much more style than a Audi A1!

And now to the original: The one and only, the MINI!

MINI Concept Beachcomber

....and the all new Countryman!

It's less heavy than I thought! ;-)

As every year: The MINI staff is the best! They are laughing, dancing, singing... you can see that they have fun, and that's what MINI is standing for!

Chantal, Fatih and me in the exclusive BMW-Lounge

Last but not least, we had to check out some dream-cars. Here they are!


My favourite: Lotus Elise or even better: The Exige! I love it! Hope that one day, I'll own one!

And if I should win the lottery: Why not a Rolls Royce?!

....or maybe a Lamborghini?

If you need Space, it should be a Maybach

A Ferrari can never be wrong! Or do you prefer the new Camaro?

After a few hours at the motor show, Chantal, Fatih an me went back to the City for dinner.

In the Pedestrain Precinct were a lot of illuminated messages on the floor.

One of the message is for all of you!

I hope to see you again, was really a great day with you! Let's MINI and have a good trip back home!